A family of Hunters

In Missouri, hunting is more than just an sport, it's a tradition. And one that gets passed down through the family. David shot his first buck when he was just 11 years old, something he described as a "right of passage in our family."

The first time we met, David took me out through his family's farm, 300 plus acres of fields, forest and streams in western Missouri. It's not so much a functioning farm, as it is a hunting preserve. The crops planted are mostly there to feed the deer. We took a quick tour of the property, scouting a few locations to take some photos. We were accompanied by Levi, the family dog, who was happy to demonstrate his tracking and retrieving abilities. We had planned on taking advantage of the sunrise for the shoot, but had to make do with fog and misty rain instead. In the end, though, it worked out and we came away with some great photos.  

I came back a week later to photograph his twin daughters, Audrey and Taylor. David hasn't been shy about passing on what his father taught him. Keeping with tradition, both shot their first deer at age 11, and had their first turkeys the next year. According to the girls, however, their favorite is pheasant hunting. They especially like getting to watch Levi work. This time the weather was more accommodating and we got a great set of photos with a different feel from the week before.